Make sure to get this very limited edition pack and receive a one of a kind picture of your favorite ape... naked! No image is the same.
Also included:

- Deformer thong
- Stickers
- Bukkakecore [Remixed] CD album
- Bukkakecore vinyl EP
- Individually signed
- Digital download

Buy it now and you'll automatically get the digital album right away!

Deformer needs no introduction, but if you’re somehow not familiar with the name, you’ve definitely been at the wrong places the last 25+ years! Deformer has put out some groundbreaking records. Raw, obscure, bass and blood-drenched and with consistent quality. 2017’s ‘Bukkakecore’ is definitely one of them.

Originally made as a tribute to Deformer’s Japanese fans, this record was a big underground hit and even kickstarted a new sub-genre of the same name. Now, brace yourself for ‘Bukkakecore [remixed]’, a full length release containing the original tracks, previously unreleased tracks and remixes by top notch Japanese artists! Japanese Hardcore heroes like Myosuke, Technorch, RedOgre, DJ Sharpnel and many others all gave their twisted interpretation to already twisted tracks to begin with. Also turntable magician DJ Ken-one laid down some vicious cuts. Again famous manga artist Shintaro Kago took care of the cover art, which is considered too extreme for social media, but obviously fits the music perfectly. Bukkakecore [remixed] is unique as well as a release for people that need to let off some steam.

Includes unlimited streaming of DEFORMER - BUKKAKECORE [REMIXED] ブッカケコア リミキシード via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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