This must be the ultimate Deformer release thus far!
It features material from 1993 - 2022. Deformer classics, unreleased tracks, demos, remixes and live DJ mixes.
There are only 50 packs available and most items will not be sold separately, so claim you limited edition preorder pack now!

This pack contains:

- The 'See, Hear Scream! album (2x CD)
- 'Bonus Discfigurement' (extra CD containing unreleased tracks and live DJ mix)
- USB flash drive (containing unreleased downtempo live DJ mix)
- 2 Key chains
- Limited Edition Slipcase
- Stickers
- Digital Download of 'See, Hear, Scream!'
- Limited edition Deformer bag
- Autograph by Mike 'Deformer' Redman


Disc 1

DEFORMER - Metal Breakdown
DEFORMER - Chopperbeat
DEFORMER - The Possessor
DEFORMER - Meatcleaver
DEFORMER - Slasher
DEFORMER / PUBLIC ENEMY - Check What You’re Listening to [remix]
DEFORMER - A Moment of Violence
DEFORMER - Godless
VOODOOM - Rituals
DEFORMER - Happy Hentai
DEFORMER - Diabolical
DEFORMER - Screamer
VIDEOPACOLYPZ - Infected Interface / Gamecore
DEFORMER - Bukkakecore

Disc 2

DEFORMER - Misophonia
DEFORMER - The Carcass Carver
DEFORMER - Damien Dub
DEFORMER - SoundCannibal
DEFORMER - The Pit and the Pendulum
DEFORMER - The Level
DEFORMER - Ori Ede [extended]
DEFORMER - FXecutioners / This Generation
VOODOOM - Blaka Smoko
DEFFFORMER - 20th Century Jungle
DEFORMER - Chief McClelland
DEFORMER - Repossessor
WORMSKULL - Stereokillah
DEFORMER - Freaqks
DEFORMER - The Bone Breaker
DEFORMER - Freakquencies [outro]

Disc 3 (Bonus Discfigurement)

Deformer Live DJ Mix
Kypski feat. D-Styles - Wreck Fader [Deformer remix]
Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Deformer Remix]
The Sound of Rotterdam x Deformer - Crucify Him [vintage remix of a 1992 classic]
The Jar [old demo from the Redrum vault]

You'll receive your free download after Nov 18th.

Includes unlimited streaming of See, Hear, Scream! via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Sold Out

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