Mista Sweet presents: Queensbridge to The Hague City (CD)


Limited edition CD containing 18 bangers!.
When we say limited edition, we mean limited edition.
Get it while you can!

New York City’s Queensbridge aka ‘The Bridge’ is one of the most famous and fruitful areas in HipHop. A raw, gritty street sound with excellent lyricism is the trademark. Where many new Rap releases seem to have lost their rawness, the double album “Queensbridge To The Hague City” brings back that original hardcore Rap.

The album is entirely produced by The Hague City’s MistaSweet, a HipHop veteran known for his production quality and superb DJ-ing. For this release he teamed up with some of the most legendary MC’s to ever do it, creating one of the rawest albums in years.

“Queensbridge To The Hague City” features: Blaq Poet (of Screwball), Tragedy Khadafdi (aka Intelligent Hoodlum), Big Noyd (rapper Noyd), Capone (of C-N-N / Capone-N-Noreaga), Nature (The Firm/Dr.Dre), Craig G (original Juice Crew), Godfather Pt3 (Infamous Mobb) and Piif Jones (Dave East affiliated)
Not to exaggerate, but “Queensbridge To The Hague City” is definitely what the worldwide hardcore Hip Hop heads have been longing for.

Brought to you by Redrum Recordz and Next Gems.

Listen to the audio previews here: rb.gy/p22hf5

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