ANAGRAM limited edition (hardcover book/DVD)


Limited edition 64 full color page, hardcover book including the
dvd (PAL) of the award winning documentary 'Anagram'.

Film Synopsis:

Using all the letters of his own name, established Dutch visual artist Diet Wiegman, made eleven anagrams- twelve new names including his own. He uses these names to put his widely diverse work under different headings. This is the Diet Wiegman Group... an ensemble consisting of just one artist, Diet Wiegman himself.

The various art forms of Diet Wiegman are showcased in this unique documentary by Mike Redman.
A film without words that tells its own, expressive story. A story about today and yesterday that fears art nor kitsch, cliché nor anecdote. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes downplaying its seriousness, sometimes giving it a wink. Conceptual art in which sculpture, fashion, dance, architecture and many other disciplines meet.

Diet Wiegman moves like an omnivore across lifes stage...

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